Stop NJ Surcharge Extortion

Stop a flawed system from taking advantage of NJ drivers.

Stop the Extortion

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The New Jersey Surcharge System is flawed in many ways, and NJ motorists are paying the price.

1.) One ticket can quickly turn into multiple fines do to a flawed automated surcharge process and complete lack of human surcharge tracking.

2.) The Surcharge Statements are confusing and don’t clearly state the entire balance, when in most cases the costs are triple what are reported in the bill due to multi-year charging.

3.) The payment system is entirely to under-thought, you have no way to tracking how much you paid towards your balance, or how much you owe, everything is as unclear as possible.

4.) There is very poor support. It’s entirely to hard to get a hold of anyone. In order to ask a simple question about the overly confusing surcharge bill you need to write to a P.O. box.

New Jersey is one of the most expensive places to live, is this multi year surcharge really necessary? How much more can New Jersey-ans take.

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My Story:

When I was 18, I was pulled over for not re-registering my car. At the time I did not have a job so I ended up paying the ticket online one day late. I failed to realize at the time, that you can’t just pay a ticket late, you need to show up at the court if you can’t afford it.

Two years later I am driving in south Carolina and I was pulled over by a sheriff. At this point I was told that my license was suspended. I was fined and I stopped driving. I called the DMV the next day and paid my renewal fee over the phone.

4 Weeks later I was driving and was pulled over for a tag light. I was informed again that my license was suspended. I had to go to court to fight it. This is when I found out that I have to pay surcharges before they would renew my license. I never received a notification about this. The court lowed my penalty to “driving without a license” in order to avoid further problems. I paid the surcharge and court fees and tried to move on with my life.

2 weeks later I get a letter from the DMV saying that my license is suspended again, this time because the south Carolina ticket information was transferred to NJ and they hit me again for driving while suspended. I fought the suspension and got it shortened. I was hit with a $100 renewal fee as well as a $1200 fee for being suspended.

1 year has passed and I finished paying off my $1200 fee in monthly payments. I finally feel as if I can put this all behind me, then I get a letter in the mail. I have to pay an additional $600 dollars for 2 counts of driving while suspended, and one count of driving without a license. So I was screwed due to the court reducing my sentence, now I have to pay both surcharges.

So far the NJ surcharge system cost me over $4000 all going back to one mistake. The system is designed to hit you with as many hidden fee’s as possible.

The Penalties

Unlicensed Driver – $100 a year for three years. ($300 dollars on top of court costs)
Driving While Suspended – $250 a year for three years. ($750 on top of court costs)
No Liability Insurance – $250 a year for three years. ($750 on top of court costs

If a driver accumulates six or more points in a period of three calendar years or less, then the driver must pay an insurance surcharge of $100 for the first six points, and $25 for each additional point. The point surcharge will remain in effect as long as the driver has six points on his driving records.

If you accumulate six or more points in a period of three years or less you must pay an insurance surcharge of $100 for the first six points and $25 for each additional point. The point surcharge will remain in effect as long as you have six or more points on your record resulting from violations posted in the immediate past three years. The accumulation is calculated from the posting date to your driving record, not when the violations occurred.

Once again, these surcharges are in addition to any surcharge that your insurance company might levy upon you. Any point reductions issued for one year of violation or suspension-free driving, or for completion of a driver improvement school or defensive driving course are not considered in reviewing the three year record for surcharge purposes.

Lack of communication:

Contacting the listed surcharge number “1-888-651-9999” brings you to an automated voice, it is very hard to actually get a person on the phone, and when you do, they are useless.

You may send a letter if you have questions, but be prepared to receive no real help.
NJ-AISC Surcharge Billing Office
P.O. Box 4775
Trenton, NJ 08650-4775


Written by anthonydamasco

March 9, 2011 at 5:17 pm

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